From the monthly archives: September 2011

Strangely, my first entry into the Urban Jungle Sign-off competition comes from Greenport, New York – out on Long Island. There are a couple of interesting/confusing parts of this sign.  Do they offer a wine slurpee or simply just wine and also slurpees? Besides a 7-eleven, I’m not sure there are that many establishments [...]

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Travel Tip #10

On September 30, 2011 By

Your choice of food on an international plane flight is generally pretty limited, unless you bring your own ingredients and portable toaster oven, which probably wouldn’t pass the x-ray scanners anyway (both because of the fire hazard and the fact that some of your ingredients would go over the 3 fl oz rule – unless [...]

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Hey Batter, Batter!

On September 29, 2011 By

My Fantasy Football team, the Singapore Slingers, is just getting started (undefeated 3-0, by the way), but in my office, talking about American football will only get you so far.  Same with basketball and baseball.  But cricket on the other hand – they LOVE it.  So, we started our own cricket team and [...]

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European Factory Tour

On September 27, 2011 By

In September, I went on a quick one week tour of our two European factories.  The first stop: London.  I was only there a day and a half, but stayed in an adorable hotel in Eton.  Eton is a small town across the bridge from Windsor, the castle where the Queen lives when [...]

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Reverse Bungee Time!

On September 24, 2011 By

Now, if you were to have asked my parents 15 years ago, if their daughter would even consider riding a roller coaster, that would have immediately replied “no way.”  Every summer we went to Six Flags Over Texas, my crying on the Judge Roy Scream little wooden roller coaster became a staple.  Well, people apparently [...]

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A Reflection on Childhood Dreams

On September 11, 2011 By

I realized just the other day that Singapore does a good job delivering on a couple of childhood dreams of mine.

When my family lived in Indonesia on the company “camp” we had a nice little company house.  All the brothers (3 of us at the time) shared a single strangely shaped room. Some architectural mastermind came [...]

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Travel Tip #9

On September 8, 2011 By

So much internet and blog content focuses around customer complaints and issues… I would like to take this moment to recognize the good in the travel world by presenting my first Prestigious Urban Jungle Travel Award (PUJTA….the word “prestigious” needs to be in there in case anyone ever asks if this is a prestigious award….duh….it’s [...]

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The background image is a photosyth (full image) taken from our 32nd floor apartment.

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