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10 Years Ago…

On January 24, 2013 By

As an 18 year old, 1st semester freshman, I had the wonderful opportunity to star in our college production of My Fair Lady.  As a musical lover, it was a dream come true.  My entire family drove down to watch.  My high school best friend took the 8 hour journey with them (choosing [...]

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Now that I have entered the “real world”, as Melissa puts it (there is a fair amount of contention on what exactly is real world, some days apparently I have still not made it there yet…), the stakes are naturally raised on photographs taken of me.  Everything from webpages, to brochures, to staff passes require [...]

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One year ago today we landed in Singapore and started our Asian adventures!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been that long, but at the same time, so much has happened.  We learned to scuba dive and wind surf, Justin became a Dr. and a Professor, three of our best friends got married and three [...]

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Zoo/Night Safari Run

On February 5, 2012 By

I have come to peace with the fact that I don’t like running.  I have found dozens of other ways (what I would consider immensely more enjoyable ways) to exercise and be active.  However, despite my better judgement I occasionally abandon this logical frame of mind.  This happened not-so-coincidentally during Melissa’s training for her [...]

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A Reflection on Childhood Dreams

On September 11, 2011 By

I realized just the other day that Singapore does a good job delivering on a couple of childhood dreams of mine.

When my family lived in Indonesia on the company “camp” we had a nice little company house.  All the brothers (3 of us at the time) shared a single strangely shaped room. Some architectural mastermind came [...]

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The background image is a photosyth (full image) taken from our 32nd floor apartment.

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